I am not God But I communicate to him We all do Your interaction with Source Is always a product of you and You Ultimately what I was trying to say was that the Source we’re in, both internally and externally, is here in this same here Source Land – all that is – […]

i was thinking about how everyone is perceiving at their own rate and through their own point and as we communicate or take in an event, we are both experiencing internally and reacting externally,   these two pockets, what is happening internally and what is happening externally, constitute of a relative communicative system   different events happening at […]

the purest description of the science can be thought about in terms of light oscillating in space  

there is the one i am externally there is the one i am internally   there is the one i am with my friends there is the one i am with my lover   there is the one i am with my family there is the one i am with children   there is the […]

one thing different perspectives of the same thing   all creating the same being the higher being the ultimate being   all perceptions are validated there is no disconnect from the source    

Gravity and Light control Life   We have gravity in us in so much as being alive, and here   also, being gravitational attracts you to other gravitational things   some people walk around loudly in a room to show power, or to feel power   but you can also attain the power simply using your […]

true ego dissolution equates to truly realizing you are here   realizing that life is what you are that it was here before this current individual version of you   that you are nothing and nowhere other than here for it   i think terms like Christ Consciousness are the epitome of what i’m saying […]


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