life is what you make it don’t let chance pass you by you’ve got to take it band from Ontario Canada

good things come to those who wait don’t wait. work your ass off and go get it   both are equally true   you have to work your ass off and you have to wait

It already is as it is. Free and unlimited, completely in synch with your thoughts, requiring only your belief in it for it to be truly so. Your path in life and your pespective during this existence will be wholey in relation to how you go about interacting with it, and how much you limit your […]


Will try to explain this further but here’s what I wrote today :   

Its Me Sergio G Album Cover

It’s Me Sergio G – Album A collection of mash-ups I made between 2005 and 2016. You can stream the album for free, or you can buy it to download it.


Links: Google Play Books: Lulu Hardcover: iBooks: Amazon Kindle:

Everything you observe is also happening in relation to you This applies for “un physical” realms of thought Your thoughts themselves travel beyond your physical image of reality but are still Physical in the true sense of the word. They are still Here. You can travel anywhere physically with your thoughts. They are still bounded […]


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