Realitive perspectives are only relative to other relative perspectives Absolutely, there is only One Perspective It is always only at one single point in both Space and Time: Here and Now Absolutely (time) and (space) do not exist for in absolute One Perspective Self Realized terms they become the Time and Space of Here and […]

The more you aim your Focus and Work Towards deeper, closer to the Source matters, the more your Work will resonate through larger aspects of your life and our collective existence it is much more important where and when then how hard or fast you aim your focus if you do the work you’re actually supposed to do you […]

ego And Individuality And possessions Are not real They Are Illusions Illegitimate Attribution to things that were never yours

no The answer is always yes

there is a lot To realizing That it is always Inherently In synch Down to the thoughts themselves For the thoughts are physical Perhaps the thoughts are all being channeled from the same source and that creates the inherent and obvious collective intelligence  Perhaps what we take in goes back to the source and we […]

bad one Bad one Bad one Bad one Fear It’s already here Bad one bad one bad one bad one  Fear It’s already here Bad one bad one bad one bad one dear It’s already here  Bad one bad one bad one bad one  Fear It’s already here – to the tune of 

Imagine our 3D Spcetime as a coherent sphere of light in constant acknowledgement of itself We are all swimming in this same sphere of light The path you take comes down to choice But I cannot see how choice can ever be your own Obviously the Light itself deserves some recognition


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