I think it works like the energy orbit fields of electrons. As you are willing and trying to raise your level, you send out resonating vibrations that are more in tune with the level you are aiming for. As you flow towards that new level, you might experience an awkward growing pain, where the situation […]

It’s worth it. You get to do what you feel like doing. Sure you get responsibility. But it’s fulfilling responsibility. You get to create the World you envision. The World you feel like should already be here. The World that wants to be created from your point of view. Sure it’s overwhelming, but embrace the […]

We’re living in and co-creating history. Let’s make it a good one.

Reality Rule Number 2: It cannot be faked.

Reality Rule Number 1: It works both ways, always. Hello.

At this point in my adventure, I was living in Vancouver. The weed there was tremendous. Unlike any other drug I had tried before. I took a hit. Songza switched song on the iPhone.   “Dearly Beloved, We are gathered today to get through this thing called Life.” Let’s Go Crazy by Prince came on. […]

While in Vancouver, a friend from Mexico told me: “You’re writing the book in the most Human way.” “Yeah… ?” “Don’t. I’ve been trying to see Life in a more Divine way, and I’ve caught glimpses of it and want more,” he said. “Write it in a more Divine way.” Two shooting stars went over […]


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