We’re headed for a universal celebration. We always knew that. We knew that before we were born. And you remember that right before you die. That’s why you smile on your death bed while you stare at the sun, and the warm rays kiss your check and you’re tightly snug underneath those wooly, soft covers. […]

God Only Knows That it’s all of us. So how could we not already know yet? We do. We just pretend we don’t because of “what it would mean.” But we already are. So why haven’t we admited it yet? I appreciate your replies and points of view :)

How it could have been… How it is… We’re always in the unavoidable one. We’re always micro creating reality, and choosing our next steps, but we can only ever get to where we end up. And we always end up together. So that sort of puts free will on the line with destiny. In the […]

How you release consciousness is important. Better to package the consciousness.

We’re pockets of source in a Universe surrounded by source. http://society6.com/thetruthyoualwaysknew/prints

Part 1 of A Trilogy That May Enlighten You

We’re All Evolving Together. http://bit.ly/thisisfamilybusiness

All consciousness you’ve ever communicated with, is already quantumly entangled with You. Excuse my language. 🎵


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