There are three fundemental players here the light the gravity and you the perciever   the oscilator   the part of the loop that makes it real   the relative perception of the absolute   but even in the absolute there is still gravity and light travelling Creating higher self awareness transferring information through light […]

we all do things we don’t always really want to even the owners masters and leaders do ultimately we’re all working for the man the thing it our collective doing what we don’t individually want to do – compromising – allows the collective to manifest more in balance we as the people as one allow the […]

light gets sucked into blackholes too light can’t anti gravity only (life and light) can anti gravity life

Better to make the mistake with no hesitation Than to hesitate not to make a mistake the hesitation is the mistake Because there are no mistakes

The thing about time It always happens in the present And it always affects the future Looking back into the past We realize that It always happens in the present

Intensity does not matter It is how you handle it Surrender Allow it to pass through Forget the you that You created Just be You Be U

Isn’t it cool How if you zoom into this picture all the way – in real life not on the pixelated screen  You would both get to stars and planets far far away As well as into the matter of the surrounding localized space time  itself Inside the actual matter there is source The same […]


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