You Are The Perspective of Your Light In this way, your relative reality is linear when viewing all relative realities from the absolute perspective layers become apparent harmony is created the true harmony is “ already happened, already is, already always, because always already is” this view point is only possible from a self realized perspective […]

The Oscillator Is Indestructible The Mirror inside you and all matter is a physical and indestructible layer of a substance How the Mirror focuses the Light determines the Sphere of Focus how you let the light shine through determines how your intentions and perceptions of this sphere effect and co create the reality within the sphere itself […]

I hope if we ever go to war again it’s against the people who profit from war

It’s a lot more about  how you make it Then it is about which ingredients you’re creating with

The Master of Money – Defining Positive Mindfucks – Making Money Work For You The following can be viewed as a prayer, a positive affirmation, or a positive mindfuck I mostly wrote this thing to show how: looking at the same thing in a completely and opposite way changes the thing itself, in a pretty much complete […]

Abundant  And Unlimted Free Energy Flow Due to forward motion of time flow  Which is in direct correlation To already freely flowing Gravity

Act of being = inherent self realization  though we continue to subconsciously deny it Inherently self realized The act of being Inherits inherent self realization A paper knows it is a paper because it is a paper (it doesn’t know it to you or me and there is no way to know if it knows […]


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