Fear is the limit, a “hold on, I’m not ready yet,” but it is not real. You are always inherently where you are, and where you could or should be. It is always perfectly and inherently in synch. You are simply irrationally believing that it is not.

All the Universe is Light oscillating.

at lower vibrations or frequencies per unit spacetime Unit spacetime = time it takes for light to oscilate Time here is a product of both absolute time due to gravity The gravity itself sucks spacetime to force “motion” of light within this spacetime  Motion of light = time Time for light to move in space […]

Ultimately we want impact. Large contributionary effect. Relevance. Power. But if you get the tone right, the power takes care of itself. The right frequency resonates by and wide. Initial power is a near negligible factor. Also, it requires less energy to operate at an optimal level than it does to keep focusing on the […]

infinity is only true in relativistic notions In absolute notions it is already here and now and present and aware  It is constantly in acknowledgement with itself It is God

Ultimately, We live in  The space between observed and manifested.  If you authentically realize that you will reach a truly divine peace with the state of space time around you. You will then be free to do whatever it is you need to authentically do. Remember: it is inherently as it is – there need […]

If all matter is light oscilation and all light oscilation creates gravity and gravity pulls spacetime or creates motion (time is motion of light per into universe indeed and of spacetime (spacetime is related to reality and perspective True Universe has nothing to do with perspective as perspective is evolving until we gain enough knowledge […]


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