no boss Guidance is internal Coffee at least is free

Black Holes, Time and Gravity Black holes might be what happens after the completion of a Universe cycle. (Frequency and Oscilations mean something cyclying) I haven’t figured out if it’s win or lose type thing (black hole OR ascension) or if the black hole is proof that that spot in the Universe gave birth to […]

We need a Kanye shrug emoticon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but in emoji 😆❤️💝🙋🐞 🐵💭

The focus you throw and resonate with in the Universe is inherently a loop. It is not your own. It is inherently shared with your surrounding universe… Understand that we are all rocking this boat together and we are free. Freedom would be better for the masters as well.

The Universe is a dream machine, and we’re already attached to the wheel work that is the Universe. I believe that means A) were already free and free energy is real B) you’re already your own master – God is master over you More tomorrow…

And forever together

But they don’t want to admit that we’re one


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