It’s gonna happen anyways But it’s also currently happening Understand that how you be with your thoughts Directly affects how your happen is gonna continue happening  Potentially because thoughts are physical and can travel through time  The idea of thoughts being able to physically enter different dimensions of time You think about your day tomorrow […]

Getting your work done in batches of common work thread massively increases your ability to produce quality and quantity of work Ex: Doing a lot of writing at once, cleaning a lot of the house once cleaning, getting extra reps in at the gym once you’re already there Once you do the work of actually […]

Love takes empathy Love takes sacrifice

You Are The Perspective of Your Light In this way, your relative reality is linear when viewing all relative realities from the absolute perspective layers become apparent harmony is created the true harmony is “ already happened, already is, already always, because always already is” this view point is only possible from a self realized perspective […]

The Oscillator Is Indestructible The Mirror inside you and all matter is a physical and indestructible layer of a substance How the Mirror focuses the Light determines the Sphere of Focus how you let the light shine through determines how your intentions and perceptions of this sphere effect and co create the reality within the sphere itself […]

I hope if we ever go to war again it’s against the people who profit from war

It’s a lot more about  how you make it Then it is about which ingredients you’re creating with


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