god is the substance that it is

It’s all the same light but the content of the light changes depending on who it oscillates through.  Ultimately, it’s not our Light, it’s Yours  🌑🌍☀️⭐️⚡️

Fundamentally, what’s the difference between a star and a black hole? They both have huge mass and huge gravity but one emits light while the other sucks in and hoards it. Why? What changes at the point where gravity suddenly becomes too strong to share? The interaction or oscillation with the surrounding universe suddenly becomes […]

You Are Wasting Your Time

You Are Wasting Your Time. I’m sorry to be blunt, but sometimes the Truth hurts. It’s shameful. Keeping up the charade isn’t helping anyone. Asking yourself the important question about what you really want to do is crucial for you to stop wasting your time and to begin actually living your life. Doing the unimportant […]

We are not the Human. We are the Light the Human is Focusing on. I used to think we were only the Light flashing between our neurons, but I now realize we are much more. That Light is really just an exntension of the Light we are constantly taking in through our senses. The Light shining down […]

Plant your Seeds into the Internet and Grow your Consciousness Over time By planting or digitally recording efficiently packaged consciousness, you allow growth to occur both to your individual self and the collective you are a part of. What I think this means is don’t be afraid and don’t hold back from yourself or your […]


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