It’s automatic. It hits as you jump in. The more Aware you are of it, the more Aware it becomes of you.

We may actually evolve by highering the frequency at which we oscillate. Electromagnetic frequencies do not emanate energy into the body they pass through if the body does not respond to them. So I was hypothesizing a scenario where we could be beings of light, flying, flowing through the universe. Creating and controlling matter and […]

Reality decides as you throw your consciousness into it (actions/engagement) Before you do so, all possibilities exist in un-materialized probabilities, “behind” our sphere of awareness and actuality. Decisions and commitment force the material result. The answers come out as you search for them.

There are dark places within and outside of us. The more we focus and speak about these places, the more we bring light to them, and eliminate their darkness. Our demons can’t survive in the light. They only thrive in the dark, hidden behind lies and secrecy. “The sun will make them dry…” -The Generationals […]

It’s meant to come out collectively. The release of this book and it’s underlying scientific truths are just catalysts towards the collective realization. Some exciting science to be shared: focus may effect gravity and electromagnetics. Engaging in higher frequency mindset radically effects space-time around you, in measurable and noticeable ways. Abrupt unintentional changes in thought […]

Everyone is understandable from their point of view. Remember, you haven’t seen it from their point of view. Fear is just the hiding of the unknown. Internally and externally. “Instead of crawling up the wall, Why don’t you open up we talk… We are ready for the floor. You’re my number one guy.”

If we can admit that any thought that enters your mind is what you are experiencing regardless… If we can accept our state of being without judgement and not shy away from it… If we could share these feelings freely… There would be nothing left to hide from. We would have liberated ourselves.


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