It all has to do with learning. And I’m slowly honing in on the learning now. We’re all actually experiencing a physical evolution because of the Internet and it’s real. Way to go team. One is one. On March 17th, I’m sharing with you what I think I know about: Reality, Energy, Consciousness, The Fabric […]

The NSA proved something and it works both ways. We should all be monetizing the Internet right now. Having a side income online should become as popular as gardening and farming are. If the Money works both ways, you know its straight.

It’s incredible how clear it all is once you stop being afraid of it. Literally, reality becomes more clear. It’s like 20/20 vision, but to your whole field of vision at the same time, without focusing on anything in particular. It’s like someone put a shiny coat of crystal over the entire World. If you […]

The Theory of Power works both ways. Focus effects all. Conciousness is where the Focus is aimed. Reality is actually electrified light sprinkles. You pick up more Power the more you Focus. It doens’t only apply to the sense of sight. It applies to your entire being. It comes down to being Aware. The more […]

No matter which way you look at it, or how you take it in, you’ll soon realize one thing. We’re all looking at the same thing.

Our consciousness, our reality, and our communication are all interrelated. They all arise from our mind. The level of Truth you can tap into through these channels, is directly related to the frequency at which the electricity in your brain is oscillating at. But changing frequency is only a flip of a switch. It requires […]

There is no way to know what will happen next. There is only trust that what will happen next will be the right thing for you. Your intuition doesn’t rationalize it’s choices. It just is. If you follow it, how can you lose? If the past always exists no matter what, could your next step […]


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